Saturday, March 10, 2018

Birthday Celebration!

We celebrated Natalie's birthday!  
Happy birthday to Natalie on March 6th!

March 3rd Birthdays!

Brody and Hanyetu both have March 3rd birthdays!
Happy Birthday!

Birthday Celebration!

We celebrated Charlie's birthday!  

Happy birthday to Charlie on February 25th!

Half Birthday Celebrations!

We celebrated Claire and Audrey's half birthdays!  
Happy birthday to Claire and Audrey on August 23rd!

Lunch in the Classroom!

On Friday, February 23rd, we had our lunch in the classroom!

Science Fair Preview!

We got to preview the 4th and 5th Graders' science fair projects!
They worked so hard!
We got to see Emily's cousin and Charlie's sister!

Valentine's Day!

At our party, we played games, had a snack, 
made a craft, and got to open our Valentines!